We are pleased to be a Channel Partner with Spectranet in Kubwa. They provide 4G LTE internet services in Abuja, as well as Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ibadan. We can now offer their data plans and mi-fi devices.

Data Plans
Come into the shop (address below) or call/WhatsApp us on 0908 615 5072 for payment information and we will be happy to recharge your Spectranet Data Plan.

Unified Value

Data Anytime Night (1am-7am) ₦ Cost
8GB 4GB 4GB Bonus* 3,000
10GB 5GB 5GB Bonus* 3,500
14GB 7GB 7GB Bonus* 5,000
24GB 12GB 12GB Bonus* 6,000
30GB 15GB 15GB Bonus* 7,000

* Bonus Data cannot be rolled over

Mega Value

Data Anytime Night (1am-7am) ₦ Cost
25GB 25GB Free Unlimited 10,000
40GB 40GB Free Unlimited 12,500
60GB 60GB Free Unlimited 15,000

Always On

Data Anytime Night (1am-7am) ₦ Cost
50GB 50GB+ Free Unlimited 13,000
100GB 100GB++ 18,000
100GB 100GB++ Free Unlimited 19,500
200GB 200GB++ Free Unlimited 37,500
300GB 300GB++ Free Unlimited 55,500

+ Always On @512 kbps speed post 50GB – Abuja only
++ Always On @512 kbps speed post your data amount

Unified Value Nite**

Data Anytime Night (7pm-7am) ₦ Cost
20GB 20GB 7,500
40GB 40GB 11,000

** All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekends and Public Holidays

Data Boosters – Top Ups

Data Validity ₦ Cost
1GB As per Base Plan 500
2GB As per Base Plan 1,000
5GB As per Base Plan 2,500
10GB As per Base Plan 4,000

Weekly Plan

Data Anytime Night (1am-7am) ₦ Cost
15GB 6GB 9GB Bonus* 4,000

* Bonus Data cannot be rolled over

Mi-fi Devices

We can supply Spectranet mi-fi devices. Spectranet’s current device promotions can be seen here. Come into the shop or call/WhatsApp us on 0908 615 5072. If you are making a special visit to buy a particular device, please call/WhatsApp us first to ensure we have the device you want in stock.